What I do …

What I do  today

Bringing digital transformation to insuranceand health business
Thinking about new player, disruption, change of culture in one of the oldest industry. Speaking about internal change – pushing the limits, bringing wide swimming lanes to the teams. Customer focused development

We shape the holistic customer experience of the future –
We as the best ager champion develop need-based future-oriented product and service solutions for customers over 50 years

What I did in the past to get my skills

Deeply experienced Productmanager and Projectleader Insurance (focus to Life Insurance). Multinationale Projectmanagement, focus unit linked and index linked

International networking skills to manage projects in a international enviorment and business group. Deep inside view and workbase from the core of product developing units. Open minded to new ideas, local or international

I owned my business

Business Owner for 7 years – Core business: Consulting, Financial Advice, Real Estate